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Payment of training fees and EN Membership

Dear players and parents,


I have now allocated the England Netball (EN) membership and training packages on your Engage accounts. You should be able to see these now when you log on and check the My Orders tab.  The automated message that the portal sends comes from my Hotmail account but due to the nature of the automation many email providers filter it into the junk folder.  To enable you to receive future emails via Engage you will need to mark the email as Not Junk / add to your Safe Sender list.


Engage has been very flaky over the past few days, probably due to the number of players currently accessing the system to ensure that they can play in matches, so please keep trying.  I have found that Safari, Chrome and Edge seem to be the best ways to access it.  


Training fees can be paid in a one-off or monthly (Sep - Mar) instalments.  EN membership has to be paid in full before you can play in any league games or as soon as possible for First Step and High Fives players. 


If you cannot see any fees associated with your account I have either not received confirmation of your playing this season or I can’t see your account because it is not linked to the club.


For non-linked accounts players and parents will need to log on (with each ENA ID) and link each account to Old Chelts (2214). This should enable me to see the allocate and allocate fees. 


For parents of juniors If you have tried to log on with a junior’s ENA ID and clicked the forgotten password button and haven’t received an email (firstly check junk email as these emails have a habit of being filtered there) it will mean that there is no email address set up to your daughters account. If you can provide the club (coach, parent helper, Rita or Sharon) with the following details we can coordinate this to our EN Regional Coordinator who can update your details on our system for you:


Daughters Name:


Daughters DOB:


Hope this helps, 




More help available on EN website -